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About Shuncheng

Your Expert Cooling  & Humidifying  Solution Supplier

Jiangyin Shuncheng Air Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company that engages in the research of thickening humidity and declining temperature. lt specializes in the production of high-quality evaporative cooling pads, ventilation exhaust fans, axial flow fans, and other cooling and humidifying equipment since 2000 which are widely used in greenhouses, poultry facilities, factories, etc.
Since its establishment, Shuncheng has introduced international advanced technology and digested and absorbed it, continuously researched, innovated, and developed itself, and successfully developed the "Yaoshun" brand cooling pad-exhaust fan cooling and humidifying system products with world-class level. Because of the cost-effective, energy-effective, low maintenance, and high-performance ventilation, ShunCheng won the favor of customers.
We sincerely welcome your inquiries, hand in hand, for a wonderful new future.

High Quality Manufacturing At Scale

Key to our successful manufacturing of quality products lies in state-of-the-art production processes and facilities as well as experienced employees.
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Production Lines
units of automatic machines

Passion In Cooling and Humidifying Solutions

As the leader of cooling pad manufacturers in China, Shuncheng is the only enterprise that formulated the Chinese agricultural industry standard for paper cooling pads and later participated in the formulation of industry standards for exhaust fans. ShunCheng became the Vice President unit of five industry associations including the China Livestock Engineering Association in order to better understand customer needs.

Our Manufacturing Process

Plants And Facilities

Our Mission



Create A Platform For Our Talented Staff

Shuncheng is a company that is willing to share and pay the price for our employee’s growth. Whenever there is opportunity for advanced learning, we will do it no matter the cost.



Add Value to Our Trusting Clients

Our client’s benefits outweigh everything. Shuncheng always considers our client’s perspective, consistently works to improve satisfaction and builds long-term, trusting, meaningful client relationships.



Contribute to Industry & Society Improvement

We work hard to make thickening humidity & teclining Temperature industry better by everyday innovation. Our contribution spreads to higher cooling performance, more advanced manufacturing techniques, and more job opportunities.

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   No.51 Road Xixishiqiao, Jiangyin, Wuxing City, Jiangsu Province, China

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