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Cooling & Humidifying System

The cooling pad - exhaust fan cooling and humidifying system is a new type of environmentally friendly and energy-saving ventilation and cooling equipment.

It is often used in environments that require efficient cooling and humidity control. Due to the system's significant features such as large exhaust volume, large air exchange volume, good cooling effect, low noise, minimal installation and use site damage, cheap purchase, wide application range, long service life, etc., the system is widely used in greenhouses and poultry. Particularly popular in livestock farms, industrial settings, and some residential applications.

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Structure Of Cooling Pad & Exhaust Fan Cooling And Humidifying System

exhaust fan ventilation  
Cooling Pad & Exhaust Fan Cooling And Humidifying System

Cooling Pad Wall

Cooling Pad Wall Structure
Cooling Pad Wall Circulatory System
The wet curtain wall is mainly composed of cooling pads, frames, a water pump, accessories, etc.

An evaporative cooling curtain wall is a system designed to cool air by passing it through water-saturated wet curtains. The process involves the evaporation of water, which lowers the temperature of the air passing through the pad.

The technology is commonly used in a variety of environments where effective and energy-efficient cooling is required, including agricultural greenhouses, industrial facilities, and commercial buildings.
Evaporative cooling curtain walls are particularly popular in hot and arid climates because they provide effective cooling without the high energy consumption associated with traditional air conditioning systems.

Shuncheng developed the matched aluminum alloy section frame and PVC frame in order to guarantee that YAOSHUN cooling system can work efficiently and steadily.

Exhaust Fan


Advantages of Cooling Pad & Exhaust Fan Cooling And Humidifying System

  "Yaoshun" evaporative cooling pads are specially treated with high structural strength, corrosion resistance, and mildew resistance, and have a long service life. Evaporative cooler pads have good permeability and water absorption, and no water drift. It could ensure that water evenly penetrates the entire cooling pad wall. Its' specific stereoscopic structure provides the largest evaporation area for the heat exchange between water and air, so the evaporation efficiency is high "Yaoshun" evaporative cooling pads are also safe, energy-saving, environmental protection, economical, and applicable.

The cooling pad wall's frame materials are various, aluminum frames, stainless steel frames, galvanized sheet frames, and PVC frames and customers can choose according to their needs and application.


Exhaust fan housings are extremely corrosion-resistant and come in a variety of sizes to suit a variety of applications. The negative pressure exhaust fan can quickly remove a large amount of air, effectively regulate temperature in industry, and can also effectively remove odors and even toxic substances to improve indoor air quality. Equipped with energy-saving motors and aerodynamic fan blades, its energy efficiency is higher than traditional air conditioners.

About Shuncheng

Your Cooling Pad-Exhaust Fan Cooling and Humidifying System Supplier

Jiangyin Shuncheng Air Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company that engages in the research of thickening humidity and declining temperature. lt specializes in the production of high-quality evaporative cooling pads, ventilation exhaust fans, axial flow fans, and other cooling and humidifying equipment since 2000 which are widely used in greenhouses, poultry facilities, factories, etc.
Since its establishment, Shuncheng has introduced international advanced technology and digested and absorbed it, continuously researched, innovated, and developed itself, and successfully developed the "Yaoshun" brand cooling pad-exhaust fan cooling and humidifying system products with world-class level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about our Cooling Pad-Exhaust Fan Cooling and Humidifying System here for your convenience, but please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Cooling & Humidifying System FAQ

  • What is your minimum order quantity?

    We accept small order quantities, but the freight cost will be very high.
  • What voltage you can offer?

    Normal voltage will be 380V-50HZ-3Phase, And it can be customized based on your request.
  • How about the quality of your product?

    All the products are produced strictly according to international standards, which have passed CE certification, CCC certification, and ISO9001:2008 international quality management system.
  • What about the delivery time?

    Usually for sample orders 3-5 days, and for mass orders 15-20 days, but If you need it urgently, it can be completed within 15 days after receiving your payment.

Factory FAQ

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