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Shuncheng develops and manufactures energy efficient climate control products and systems for the growth and development of dairy applications.

Taking Your Dairy Production To The Next Level

The constant-temperature cow house is a long-span cow house that uses a combination of negative pressure fans and cooling pads to achieve the effect of keeping the cow house environment fresh and at a suitable temperature. It is most suitable for areas with high temperatures and low humidity. The advantage of this long-span structure is to save building area and construction costs, but because the cattle are more concentrated, the requirements for air cleanliness and ventilation will be higher. We use negative-pressure fans to achieve an efficient parallel flow of air in the house.

Supplying Solutions For Dairy

The air flows in parallel, and the cooling and fresh air in the barn flows in from one side of the barn, across the entire barn, carrying heat and dirty gases in the barn, and flows out from the negative pressure fan on the other side. The entire flow process is forced by the use of negative-pressure fans. flow.

The cooling pad brings coolness to the cowshed. On the other side of the constant-temperature cowshed, a negative-pressure fan is installed. It is used as a power to draw the dirty hot air out of the cowshed, allowing the air from the other end to continuously enter through the cooling pad. Cowshed.

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"Yaoshun" evaporative cooling pad is a device used in cooling systems to lower the temperature of air through the process of evaporation. It is mainly used in applications like air coolers, industrial cooling, and agricultural settings, such as greenhouses and poultry farms.
Shuncheng powerful shutter fiberglass industrial exhaust fan adopts the principle of forward flow, preventing rainwater from entering the room. The frame and blades are made of FRP, highly resistant to corrosion, and acid-proof alkali. The rugged SMC housing will not rust, chip, or peel.
The cooling pad & exhaust fan cooling and humidifying system are often used in environments that require efficient cooling and humidity control. Due to the system's significant features such as large exhaust volume, large air exchange volume, good cooling effect, low noise, minimal installation and use site damage, cheap purchase, wide application range, long service life, etc., the system is widely used in greenhouses and poultry. Particularly popular in livestock farms, industrial settings, and some residential applications.

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